Below are seven examples of my proven abilities and the results which show a diverse application of expertise.

For a comprehensive view, see the Expertise page to read or download selected Expertise Summaries complete with their supporting documentation.


Customer referrals were optimized and applications increased 30%.

Through raising Toll’s home sales associates awareness of TBI Mortgage's value and benefits, their own mortgage product knowledge and TBI's customer service procedures including enhanced customer relationship management efforts.

Upon implementing TBI Mortgage’s point-of-sale marketing materials at all Toll Brothers communities, TBI’s brand recognition, credibility and market share increased.

In addition to the above strategy, I also developed weekly production pipeline status meetings with Sr. Mortgage Loan Specialists team leads, Business Development Managers and the operation support staff of underwriters and processors. As a result, referrals from Toll sales associates increased in some states as much as 25% with the new, improved level of communications.

As a Sr. Mortgage Banker at Community Bank of Northern Virginia, I established relationships one-on-one with all branch managers improving lead generation and mortgage capture rates by 30% through mortgage product education along with branch level targeted marketing and customer-centric awareness programs.

Effective business leadership, relationship building and mentoring.

Extensive evaluations were utilized during the hiring and selection process as I was responsible for the consolidation, relocation and personnel replacement of TBI Mortgage’s South East Operation Call Center to Toll’s corporate offices.

This profit optimization process included the selection, mentoring and performance evaluations of a new staff consisting of 12 Mortgage Loan Specialists and their support staff of junior assistants. As a cost-saving business efficiency initiative, a $250K annual reduction in operating expenses was realized.

I capitalized on this opportunity to develop and enhance relationships between Toll’s Brothers home sales associates and the new Mortgage Loan Specialists assigned to various Toll home communities across a 7 state region.

These newly formed relationships where founded upon value-oriented service resulting in higher referrals improving closed loan capture rates from 47% to over 56%. Higher customer satisfaction scores where another byproduct of this initiative increasing from 3.27 to 4.44 (high score 5).

Proven record in achieving origination production sales goals.

Managed origination of 1,700 mortgages in 20 months with TBI mortgage valued at 730MM in a market where Toll Brothers home building and the industry as a whole experienced a volatile, contracting marketplace. This volume represented a 9% increase in regional market share.

Managed the production and secondary marketing of 7,900 1st & 2nd trust mortgages in 30 months with South Banc Mortgage valued in excess of 240MM per year, sold to secondary market investors.

Diligent in analyzing industry trends, regulatory and compliance issues.

Advised senior management of an upcoming profitable opportunity created by pending legislative changes to FHA contained in the “Economic Stimulus Act of 2008”, and subsequent passage of the “Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008” (HERA).

Senior Toll Brothers management approved my recommendation to become an FHA Direct Endorsement Lender and be the project management lead. I developed all curriculum materials and helped facilitate training to management, Operations staff, Mortgage Loan Specialists, Business Development Managers and Toll home sales associates. Personally reviewed and managed 96% all FHA test case submissions leading to TBI’s FHA Direct Endorsement Lender approval.

Developed curriculum, conducted training; collaborated with IT department.

Created TBI’s Roles & Responsibilities curriculum including training resource material and conducted the training for Mortgage Loan Specialists and Business Development Managers. This standardized TBI/Toll’s business procedural model was instrumental in increasing work flow efficiencies and streamlining processes.

Conducted group education seminars focusing on customer service, operational and sales procedures including long-term prospect relationship building.

Provided cross-functional consultative role between TBI’s Training Director and Toll’s IT department software developers integrating all live, customer contact records within TBI’s proprietary loan origination software “TBEye”, and Toll’s sales reporting software “Pivotal”.

Strictly adheres to investor guidelines, State and Federal compliance laws. 

This is to ensure by due diligence, that only high quality, performing loans were originated then securitized. Loan quality and performance was such that no investor repurchase requests or EPD’s (early payment defaults) due to fraud, negligence or errors and omissions in the origination process occurred while I was with TBI Mortgage.

Provided oversight for the compliance department on state-level compliance of mortgage loan originator licenses and annual continuing education requirements. Maintained approved statuses in various South East states including- Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Georgia, Florida, North and South Carolina.

Profitable secondary marketing pricing execution on loan delivery.

While at TBI Mortgage, this was achieved by using a market-by-market competitive analysis setting pricing and end-investor selection. After delivering to senior management documented, competitive market analysis, a resolution was proposed and accepted.

I set pricing structures to provide Mortgage Loan Specialists with on the spot pricing resolution authority. This effective marketing strategy employed capped fee/rate discounts based on regional and specific market driven demands.

Due to extreme competition in specific communities, price flexibility with discounts up to 62.5 basis points was permitted. Average margins of 135 basis points were maintained across the pipeline. At SouthBanc Mortgage, I employed a similar solution giving Sr. originators point-of-sale pricing authority with tiered levels.

This  policy change proved very effective in retaining the fee income when a competitor offered better pricing execution.